The Art of Enterprise 2013 kalender door Paul Kerrebijn Offshore boek door Paul Kerrebijn Spoorwegen en Scheepvaart kalenders door Paul Kerrebijn Marine en Scheepvaart kalenders door Paul Kerrebijn Boeken en kalenders door Paul Kerrebijn Boek Stront aan de Knikker door Paul Kerrebijn Spoorweg kalenders door Paul Kerrebijn Paul Kerrebijn kalender The Art of Enterprise 2012 Paul Kerrebijn kalender 50 jaar valk + de groot Paul Kerrebijn boeken en kalenders Paul Kerrebijn boeken en kalenders Paul Kerrebijn boeken en kalenders Boek Uit de Brand door Paul Kerrebijn Boek Willem Vos en de bouw van de Batavia door Paul Kerrebijn IMG_6694 Boek 150 years technology and enterprise door Paul Kerrebijn schilder, illustrator en tekenaar Kalenders Westland door Paul Kerrebijn Kalenders marine, brandweer en vrachtwagens door Paul Kerrebijn
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Paul Kerrebijn has illustrated numerous books with various subjects. He also publishes books, sometimes upon request by businesses or government. Often under own management, including design, graphic design, photos, text and illustrations. He selects the printing company, guides the process and monitors the planning.

His  industrial calendar “The art of Enterprise” has been published for 17 consecutive years. The calendar includes impressions of multiple businesses and government organisations, thus presenting themselves together.
Through the participation of multinationals, the calendar has been distributed in a very wide range.

The composition changes and new participants are always welcome.
Special calendars are made upon request. The Royal Dutch Navy, Fire Departments, Municipality Westland, Imtech, The port authority of Rotterdam, Department of public works are examples.

Maybe a special calendar is an option for you? :   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.